All manner of toys on display at Stockholm Toy Museum

Whenever toys are mentioned, what first comes to our minds is some messed up place where children go about playing with an assortment of toys. Yes, this is a good observation for whoever bears such ideas. However, Stockholm Toy Museum which is located in the iconic city of Stockholm presents visitors with something unique. Imagine a place with all manner of toys; big and small, well arranged on a majestic display in a museum setting.

The toys which come from across generations really help us recalibrate our understanding of toys and their place in everyday lives, especially children. When in Stockholm city and wondering which place to really turn to for a  calming feeling and reconnection with unique aspects of child upbringing. 

While visiting the museum, you may also buy and be sipping Craft Beer which is also a common drink in Sweden that legends well understand. A combination of the great display of toys and low alcohol liquor creates an heavenly feeling that we can rarely get elsewhere.

Tracing the location of Stockholm Toy Museum

Stockholm Toy Museum is situated  in Stockholm within the Baltic Sea Archipelago. Generally, Stockholm or Sweden managed to draw its attractiveness from rich diversity of cultures and its geographic nature. As the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is christened as the city of wonders. Stockholm should be one of the great cities you will visit if you are organising to have a Swedish vacation.

Bring out the best in you at Stockholm Toy Museum

 Historians will always marvel at how fantastic the city is. Stockholm has a rich history that can be traced back to the 6th century. The various historical milestones, museums, and other outstanding sites make Stockholm celebrated as a rich historical region. When mentioning historical museums, Stockholm has one of the greatest ones of all time in history. I will guide expats or any traveller visiting Stockholm for the first time on how Stockholm Toy Museum is the best place to be! 

Why you should visit Stockholm Toy Museum

Anyone may dismiss Stockholm Toy Museum just for the mere fact that the word “toy” is in it. In fact, people may think that the museum is only for children which can’t be entirely true. We were all at some point children, in fact so many out there remain nostalgic about childhood days before teenage and adulthood stole our innocence. So, if anyone wishes to relive nostalgic childhood memories and just forget about the stress of adulthood, Stockholm Toy Museum takes you way back in time. 

If you have children, Stockholm Toy Museum is the best place for them. Stockholm Toy Museum was previously known as the Bergrummet-Tidö Collection of Toys & Comics. It has been at the Tidö Castle since 1974. In September 2017, David von Schinkel introduced the toy collection to the unique environments of the empty cavern.

History of Stockholm Toy Museum

Stockholm Toy Museum’s history traces back to the 17th century. Here, your children will have the most incredible time of their lives with all the kinds of toys they need. They will have all-steam engines, tin toys, dolls and dollhouses, model cars and trains, play kitchens, action figures, soft toys, and comic books, and the list is endless. The exhibition has toys from the 17th century, and some of them date from the past few years. Why won’t your children be excited in a place with a massive collection of over 40,000 different toys? Stockholm Toy Museum is the most extensive toy collection in Scandinavia.

Only legends can catch the idea behind Stockholm Toy Museum

You need not worry about where the children will play. The museum has interactive large play areas with distinctive architecture and design. The children will have plenty of room to play with the toys and have fun. I know it will bring you so much memory and nostalgia as a grown-up because most of the toys you used to play with as a child is among the collections. 

You will need a break and grab some snacks or food before returning to have more fun with the toys. Shop for refreshments and souvenirs for your visit are also available. Stockholm Toy Museum also has a café with delicious baked goods and coffee that will increase your energy to walk around the place. 

Finding your way to the Stockholm Toy Museum

Finding the museum can be a bit stressful, but this will help you locate the place. Its address is Svensksundsvägen 5, 111 49 Stockholm, Sweden. Various areas can help you quickly find Stockholm Toy Museum. Stockholm Toy Museum is also a 3-min walk from the Moderna Museet. Its closest neighbourhood is Skeppsholmen. If you know this neighbourhood, you have no problem finding the toy museum. Also, if you are at Kungsträdgården, it is 9 minutes’ walk to the museum. Many restaurants within the area can help you reach the Toy Museum, like Stockholm Gastabud, Tradition, Mathias Dahlgren-Matbaren, and many others. 

The actual location of the museum is Bergrummet in Skeppsholmen. It is a cavern that was taken into the rock under the island during the 1940s as a vault for the authority of the Swedish Navy. Stockholm Toy Museum has a 4800 square metre tunnel structure with eight major subways linked to the many crossways. This becomes more interesting as they give a history of the Swedish Navy, which used them until the 1980s. The above-ground gateway to the museum is next to the first structure on the left side of the road. This is after moving away from the flyover to Skeppsholmen. 

Admission and Opening Time 

Stockholm Toy Museum has different admission costs for children and adults. You will only pay the entrance fee using credit card payment, as cash is not allowed. If you have a dog, you may want to bring it along, but the place does not permit that, too, except for assistance dogs. The museum opens from January to December, all year round. You have all the reasons to enjoy the place as every Tuesday is their special regulation day. During this time, three groups of people, including a parent, child, and grandparents, do not pay entrance fees. They also close on Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day. The museum opens from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. 

I will recommend you book ahead of time before your visit to secure a spot. You can contact +46 8 641 61 00 or Brantvägen 3,133 41 Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, to inquire how you can make your advance payments. If you book with Tripadvisor but want to call it off, you can cancel it within 24 hours. The following are admission prices for different people who visit the place. 

Admission charges 

Regular price:-140 SEK

Children (0–3):-0 SEK

Children (4–18):-90 SEK

Students:-90 SEK

Pensioners:-110 SEK

Price without pass:-SEK140.00

Important Alert: The prices shown here above represent what a visitor may likely need to pay at Stockholm Toy Museum. However, you should always be aware that such pricing could change any time and we are not responsible for whatever changes that may occur. As a guest coming to the museum, you are duty bound to pay the charges as of that day.