Things to pick out about Living in Sweden

Are you secretly dreaming of a quality life? You’d better wake up and make your end destination to living in Sweden. The country, just like other Scandinavian countries, knows best how to take care of its residents. Life there is not just quality but also comes with a full package of happiness.

If you revel in natural adventure, then Sweden has more than enough to explore. If not for the vast archipelagoes, you may watch Aurora Borealis or head to the Göta Canal. For the ones that have a liking for a historical quest, they will never exhaust the findings in Vamla, ABBA, Nordiska museums, and many more.

What makes it all easy in Sweden is its top-tier infrastructure. Sweden is termed a ‘small village’ due to the swift transportation that has made it so reachable. Although its living standards are so high, you are sure to get free and quality healthcare as well as education.

Helpful Facts for Expatriates Planning on a Stay in Sweden

On many occasions, you will read or watch about Sweden’s happy life. Key among the most outstanding values of Swedes that contribute to their happiness are trust and contentment. As an ex-pat, knowing one or two happenings about Sweden will help you blend l in with the native’s happiness. The following are also some facts you need to know about Sweden.

 Adverse Climatic Change

Although there are four seasons, for Sweden, winter and summer mark the peaks of climatic extremes in the region. In being outdoorsy society, no time is enjoyable in the Nordic region like the summer season. The warm summer breeze creates a feeling that Swedes long for every day. Besides, locals and tourists seem to delight in activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, swimming… the list is endless.

Then comes the long, freezing seasons between November to February in the name of winter. If not for clients looking for a magical winter wonderland, all seem chilly and indoors there. However, Sweden’s winters are not as extreme as Finland’s. All in all, it still calls for warm clothing, house heating, and perhaps evening Fika to wind it up.

The Swedish Culture

You may term it gloomy or rude depending on your country of origin, but precisely, Swedes are more reserved and shy. Besides, they know less about small talk. Therefore, it’s more ethical to avoid chitchatting with the local fellows anywhere you meet them.

It may sound strange, but getting along with Swedes may take months or so. That sounds funny, especially with someone like a neighbor living next door. But still, you will have to get used to their reserved culture.

Who said Swedes do not speak English? They do, and many are proficient, for that matter. However, who knows why? They dislike speaking another language apart from their native. In order to enjoy your stay, get to learn the Swedish language beforehand. The Swedish language comes in handy when looking for a job, asking for directions, or just general catch-ups. Above all, learn to take off your shoes in private residents. That is the rule.

What is it like to have a family in Sweden?

It may be hard to tell what tops your checklist regarding the family affair. But one thing is for sure, Sweden will accommodate your family in all manners. They are very friendly people. You will experience the following when living with your family in Sweden:

Living in Sweden is Safe in Terms of Criminality

Sweden has recorded low crime rates ever since. With the trust people have for each other, it is rare to witness such cases. Although petty crimes do exist, the numbers are minimal and lesser fatal.

The Country Offers Free and Quality Medical Care as well as Education 

In terms of medical care cost, Sweden’s healthcare stands out from the rest of the world. Doctors will attend to you freely in public hospitals. As an ex-pat, all you need is a personal number that helps you access public medical care within your municipality. Whether in a public hospital, or the private or specialist unit, be rest assured of getting quality healthcare.

Thank Sweden if you have a family, and you are blessed with kids. The reason is that education is free from kindergarten to higher learning institutions, courtesy of the Sweden Government. You don’t really need to worry about the quality. It is top-tier, with the best international schools worldwide.

Living in Sweden Offers Work-life balance

It is everyone’s dream to find a job more considerate of family bonding and for that. If you need that, then why not relocate to Sweden? The country gives you time to bond well with your family. This is because employees are offered fewer working hours, paid parental leaves, paid holidays, and vacations. Also, The normal working hours are between 5-9 hours. If by chance you work overtime, expect pay to remunerate.

As a foreigner, do not be shocked by the high taxation in Sweden

If you have never come across it, get it here, the taxes are high in Sweden. Unfortunately, the Swedes are never anxious about high taxation. For one they trust their government to deliver genuinely. Secondly, they get quality public services. Apart from that, there are other better benefits such as paid leaves, subsidized daycare, and many more.

Facts about the cost of Living in Sweden

On several occasions, you will see an update about Sweden’s high cost of living, which is true. Everything from housing, subscriptions, insurance, and commodity goods demand extra coins of what you are used to in your motherland. To get it right, negotiate a better wage with your employer beforehand. It will go a long way to help you thrive at the high cost of living.