Going about your Shopping in Stockholm

Now , so many would agree with me that even if on an entirely different trip to a country, shopping always has a way of creeping in. Who goes to a new destination, leaves alone Stockholm and fails to buy at least an item for memories? Not so many will leave the city without picking an item or two if only as a memento. 

Actually, even if coming for a high level conference in Sweden and applying for a visa, the visa officers will always give some extra days so that you may move around the malls, boutiques, stores and more just to pick away stuff for your wardrobe, bedding, décor or whatever. Ordinarily, the last few days of a stay in Stockholm is by default for shopping. So, lets guide you down the streets of shopping in Stockholm without depleting your budget. 

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Stockholm, the all time bustling city of Sweden 

Stockholm is one of the most iconic cities in the world. You will enjoy its incredible tourist culture, important historical sites, and great natural resources. As Sweden’s capital, you will not miss a great adventure in any of the famous places in the city. Shopping is also one of the unique activities in Stockholm as there are more shopping centres than you can imagine. Whatever you desire, you will receive it in the shopping malls or centres in Stockholm. The most exciting thing you will be delighted about shopping in Stockholm is the famous fashion in most stores.

A typical shopping mall in Stockholm

As you know, Swedish fashion is known across the world. You will have the best fashion wear and interior designs. Believe it, some of the most famous and beloved brands from Swedish stores like IKEA and H&M. Swedes also love handmade crafts, design, and vintage products. As a foreigner visiting Stockholm for the first time, you cannot miss that. If you are a lover of second-hand items, you won’t be disappointed in Stockholm as there are many second-hand stores. Shopping in Stockholm will suit all your budgets and tastes. There is something for every person, from luxury shops to flea markets.

How to get credit card for Shopping in Stockholm

As a foreigner in Stockholm, you must know about credit cards before shopping. First of all, cash transactions are not so every day in Stockholm. Like an active bank account, credit and debit cards play a significant role. You will be able to handle your finances efficiently. When in Stockholm, I recommend you often use your credit card when shopping. You can apply and be given a credit card connected to a checking account. You can use the money you want if you have a prepaid credit card in Sweden. To get a credit card in the city  you need to have a current bank account.

You must consider owning a Swedish bank account to have a credit card. However, the selected bank will only allow your credit card attributes to shop in the city. Also, most service providers will only allow you to own a credit card if you have a better credit history. To have a good credit history, you need to be punctual in paying your utility bills and have a stable job to take care of your monetary needs like shopping. 

Some of the Best shopping stores in Stockholm

As you walk down the streets of Stockholm, you will come across the best shopping areas where you will comfortably get all the items you desire. Some of the best shopping places in Sweden’s capital are the following:

Drottninggatan, Stockholm’s main shopping street

Drottninggatan is the main shopping street in Stockholm. As you will be walking across the northern side of the city along Pedestrian Street, restaurants, bars, and cafes, you will quickly locate it. The street goes from the Old Town to Observatory Park. You can also identify the big shopping malls, T Centralen station, and Åhlens City right at the centre of the street. This shopping street will serve your needs, particularly if you love Swedish and global brands. You will find H&M’s latest cloth lines for men, women, and children. You will also be excited to find Monki, Zara products, and many others. 

NK Stores (Nordiska Kompaniet)

You cannot leave Stockholm without visiting the legendary shopping centre, NK store. It is also called Nordiska Kompaniet, Sweden’s oldest shopping mall, which opened in 1915. It is the city’s landmark, just like Selfridge’s in London. Shopping in this place is the most interesting and exciting experience as you will get global brands on its six floors. The shopping mall’s design is a lovely place where you can take some good pictures and even share them with your friends and family. If you desire to be in Paris, the shopping mall inside will give you a great picture of the famous Galeries Lafayette. NK stores are also the most popular place where the Swedish Royal Family shop. 


If you are a person who likes shopping for bizarre things, Grandpa is the place for you. I know you think maybe the shopping centre is made for grandpa items. You will find a variety of bizarre items sold on offer. In Bohemian Södermalm, Grandpa also offers stylish clothing with unique items. You will not miss a wooden toothbrush, vintage décor products, and many other unusual commodities. 

Swedish Hasbeens

Swedish Hasbeens will give you the most fantastic Swedish brands. For lovers of shoes, this is the place of your iconic shoe. But I am not talking about any other shoes; these are wooden shoes. Put on those wooden shoes from here if you love to be identified from afar based on the unique and strange dress code. The history of this shopping mall is attached to the founders’ story of discovering about 300 of their mother’s favourite wooden shoes in a basement. They were then inspired to make those beautiful wooden shoes. Swedish Hasbeens is now a big brand with a shop in Södermalm.