How to go about getting a Job in Sweden

Many people have a liking for Sweden. If you ask them why the majority will likely mention its quality of life and welfare state generosity. However, it is also true beyond doubt that the cost of living in Sweden is insanely high. At least those who have ever lived there can testify to that. In short, you need money to sustain the unique lifestyle in Sweden. Therefore, the best way to earn a living in Sweden is by getting a job.

Take your work space in Sweden and sly high with exciting opportunities around

When you get a job, ensure it is one with better pay. This is because taxation would definitely slash a good part of it. However, the big question, especially to internationals, has always been, how do I get started with work in Sweden? Relax. Through this piece, you will get several answers to that question.

Apart from foreigners who apply and qualify for jobs in Sweden, expatriate students have also shown interest in working part-time. So, for international students willing to work there, a substitute or seasonal form of employment works perfectly. While there are many job opportunities in Sweden, learning Swedish beforehand is a plus in your job-hunt adventure.

Why Speaking Swedish Matter to job Seekers in Sweden

Sweden tops the list among the Nordic countries with proficiency in spoken English. Even so, learning and speaking Swedish certainly open your social and professional doors. Besides, in a competitive interview, you are likely to stand out.

Having known that Sweden culture believes in communal power, many employers prefer applicants with proficiency in the Swedish language. The reason is, it will go a long way to help you communicate with colleagues, clients, and neighbours at large. Moreover, it will not only aid in making new friends but also contribute to your quick settlement.

The Job Application Process for Foreigners Intending to Work in Sweden

The most crucial move is to first show an interest in working in Sweden. This means that you are ready to conform to Swedish culture.  Given the long geographical miles between your motherland and Sweden, searching for jobs online seems to be the only option. For certainty, make a quick search to Sweden Recruitment Agencies or even go by the tool known as LinkedIn.

Furthermore, mostly, companies will require that you upload an updated CV and a resume (with a professional headshot). It may sound strange to many ex-pats, but failure to include a passport-size photo on your resume may disqualify you. Funnily, many companies like it when you write your CV both in English and Swedish version.

Your work environment in Sweden can be so amazing

An additional requirement is a cover letter. Sweden is renowned for its informal culture. Advisably, you should consider writing your cover letter in informal but polite language. To make it as short as possible, outline why you believe to be the best fit for the position. Here, you may give additional information on Swedish fluency or indicate readiness to immerse in the Swedish lifestyle.

Once you have filled out all the form requirements, submit them. It may take a while before you get a response. In some instances, the company may never reply, but if they do, go ahead and comply with the application process. One way to find out more about the company’s reputation is through social media forums like Facebook. You may as well visit the firm’s website and read the viewer’s comments.

Key Demands for Working in Sweden as a Skilled Labourer for Expatriate

Before you make any employment application, you must know that there are Swedes who may equal your qualifications for the position too. Therefore, it is up to you to convince the company how better you fit for the vacancy. One way of doing so is by having, at least, a University degree certified by your country’s consulate.

Another, you should know is that Sweden has an array of professional regulations that you have to fulfil for you to be hired. A typical example is international teachers who own a foreign teaching certificate. You have to visit the Swedish embassy in your native country for verification of the document.

Is there a chance of getting an unskilled job for foreigners in Sweden?

You will get employment in non-vocational sectors such as cleaning, making deliveries, and many others. In Sweden, such calibres of jobs are termed odd. Yet again, you must be able to speak the Swedish language, and that is your crucial requirement.

Even though such-like jobs offer minimal pay, the money is quite sustainable if you plan well with it. To cut the cost of living, it would be best if you seek such jobs in relatively smaller cities. At least from there, you will be able to manage the fair prices of everything like food, housing, and others.

It only takes you four years of employment span before you qualify for permanent residency. Thereafter, you will enjoy other benefits like free healthcare and education in public service. You may opt to upgrade and go for vocational training for better pay.

Top job opportunities for skilled ex-pat laborers

Below is a list of highly posted positions. However, it is good to know that, such posts are less stringent with Swedish cultural proficiency,

  • Vocational teachers
  • Pharmacist
  • Doctors and nurses
  • Software developers
  • Civil and electrical engineers
  • Chemists

Job Search Websites in Sweden

The following are some of the job search sites where you can be lucky to get a job.

  • blocket
  • Jobbland
  • Metrojobb
  • nyteknik
  • Jobtome
  • Nyteknik
  • Netjobs
  • Indeed
  • Jobisland