Things to pick out about Living in Sweden

Are you secretly dreaming of a quality life? You’d better wake up and make your end destination to living in Sweden. The country, just like other Scandinavian countries, knows best how to take care of its residents. Life there is not just quality but also comes with a full package of happiness. If you revel … Read more

Hottest 2022 Christmas Gifts in Sweden

None will miss knowing the bombshell backlash on Sweden’s economy since early 2020. Topping the list is the COVID pandemic, followed by hot series of Ukrainian wars. Everything economic and social feels messy in Sweden. From the insanely speeding inflation to the high cost of living. Therefore, 2022 has not been easy for the Swedes, … Read more

Get your desired currency at a Forex dealer in Stockholm

Travellers who visit different countries understand way too well how important it is to have the local currency. It even becomes necessary to have the local money  if you do not already have a credit card. While credit card payments make payment of goods and services in different currencies much easier, some people still have … Read more

All manner of toys on display at Stockholm Toy Museum

Whenever toys are mentioned, what first comes to our minds is some messed up place where children go about playing with an assortment of toys. Yes, this is a good observation for whoever bears such ideas. However, Stockholm Toy Museum which is located in the iconic city of Stockholm presents visitors with something unique. Imagine … Read more

Craft Beer in Sweden

There are countries in the world that have long historic traditions when it comes to alcohol. A good example is Denmark where there is a standing reputation for drinking and partying. However, when you get into more specifics like beer, Sweden and  Norway definitely take the day.  So we here explore the general beer industry … Read more

Experience the grandeur of Grand Malmö Restaurant

To many visiting either Sweden or Denmark’s Copenhagen, Malmö stands out for linking the two countries via the acclaimed Öresund Bridge. This bridge is an architectural masterpiece that adds up to push Malmö to a strategic position. In the city lies the Grand Malmö Restaurant; a joint that embodies excellence and  attracts great acclaim.  Grand … Read more

An exclusive experience of the 4-star hotel, the Orbaden

Sweden has its rightful place as some of the best destinations for those seeking to get an experience like no other in Scandinavia. Of course  like any other country, Sweden may have its flaws but then no one can take away from it the credit for attractions and goodies that anyone looking to feel good … Read more

Important things to know about Housing and Rental in Sweden

If there is any country in Scandinavia that many internationals would like to visit and live in then Sweden is it. Sweden has popularity for its excellent living wage, top notch universities, robust social welfare system and many more. But once you become one of the lucky ones to get the coveted Schengen visa with … Read more